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Hi Fefetea,

I agree. I doubt signs will deter any little [expletive] with intent to cause damage or harm.

I can confirm the cameras are definitely ‘dummies’. These were installed many years ago after a period of car crime (if I remember correctly). Eddisons did get a few quotes at that time for a genuine CCTV system but the cost was prohibitive. I personally feel the dummy cameras are showing their age and maybe newer ‘dome-type’ ones would look more convincing.

Apart from the fact a sign is unlikely to deter someone who wants to cause trouble, from from an aesthetics point of view I think signs can also make the place ugly. Eddisons seem to forget we live on a residential estate, not an industrial site where signs slapped everywhere might be acceptable.

In fact, I think signs are sometimes detrimental. For example, at the central bin store (and maybe the other two – I haven’t checked), there is a big sign which states, “ITEMS LEFT IN THIS STORE AT YOUR OWN RISK”. It lets any passer-by know that people might leave personal belongings in there. That sign should be inside.

There is wood chipped away at the lock, which would indicate to me that someone has in fact tried breaking in to steal belongings kept in there. Who would try breaking in, simply to put their rubbish bag away?

Lieutenant Columbo.

P.S. What precisely were the ‘disturbances’? The Eddisons letter was a bit vague.

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