The Cricketers Nextdoor Group

Nextdoor is a social platform which is suited to local neighbourhood communities such as ours and has over 1,200 members in the Kirkstall area alone – over 4,400 including Headingley and the surrounding areas! The Cricketers Nextdoor Group is essentially a sub-community within the Kirkstall neighbourhood.

You can do many things on Nextdoor, including:

Post photos or video
Add a location
Sell or give away an item
Create a poll
Post about crime & safety

To head on over to the shiny new ‘Cricketers’ Nextdoor Group and say ‘hi’, (or just have a nosey), click here. You will need to register a free Nextdoor account if you do not already have one.

To learn more about Nextdoor, please visit the link below:

Nextdoor is available as an app on your phone or tablet from Google Play and App Store. Alternatively, you can click or scan the QR Code below for the web version. If you scan the code and the app is installed on your phone, the app should open instead.

The Cricketers Nextdoor Group