Green Bin Recycling

Some items are not currently recycled by Leeds City Council when put in the green bins. In particular, some people might be surprised to hear that Glass and Shredded Paper should not be put in them.

Morrisons at Kirkstall accepts Glass and other items and the Kirkstall recycling site accepts a much broader range of items.

Please click the image below for a larger version of what we can and cannot put in our green bins (opens in a new tab).

Wash and squash

All drinks cans, plastic bottles and food cans should be washed out before placing in green bins to avoid contamination. Squashing them will use up less space in the bin.

Keep it dry

It is important that your recycling is kept dry and your recycling bin lid is kept closed. Please ensure no wet paper or cardboard goes in your recycling bin and that all your cans and bottles are emptied first. If your recycling gets wet, the paper and cardboard will become soggy and cannot be recycled.

More information is available at the Leeds City Council website.